Professor Dr. Karl Auerswald

Karl Auerswald is a soil scientist and professor at TU München. His research focuses on landscape- and regional-scale pattern-process relationships, including empirical and modelling studies of landscape hydrology, soil erosion and nutrient dynamics. He uses stable isotopes as indicators of ecosystem processes.

PD Dr. Thorsten Grams

Thorsten Grams is a plant ecophysiologist and group leader at the Lehrstuhl für Ökophysiologie der Pflanzen at Technische Universität München. His research focus is on the controls of C metabolism (photosynthesis, allocation, respiration) of trees under biotic and abiotic stress (including competition, pathogens, ozone and CO2). He uses natural stable isotope signatures and isotopic tracers in studies of physiological mechanisms at the plant and ecosystem level.

Dr. Ulrike Ostler

Ulrike Ostler is a physicist and research associate at the Lehrstuhl für Grünlandlehre at Technische Universität München. Her main research interest is in carbon cycling in grassland ecosystems. She uses stable isotope labeling with open-top chambers in the field to investigate the allocation and turnover of carbon in grassland plants.

PD Dr. Andreas Rossmann

PD Dr. Andreas Rossmann, isolab GmbH, manager of the Laboratory of Stable Isotopes in Schweitenkirchen. He and his team is mainly but not only working on the geographical origin assignment of food and food products by multi-element stable isotope analysis of different food compounds.

Professor Dr. Hana Santruckova

Hana Santruckova is a professor of soil microbiology and ecology and head of the Department of Ecology and Hydrobiology at the University of South Bohemia (Budweis, Czech Republic). She has been focused on microbial C and N transformations in the soil. She uses carbon and nitrogen stable isotopes as a tool for studying C and N fluxes in plant-soil system.

Professor Dr. Jiri Santrucek

Jiri Santrucek is a professor and head of the Department of Plant Physiology at the Faculty of Sciences, University of South Bohemia. His research interest is in photosynthesis and water relations of terrestrial plants. In recent years he is applying stable isotope techniques in his research.

Dr. Rudi Schäufele

Rudi Schäufele is the manager of the stable isotope facilities of Technische Universität München at Weihenstephan. These facilities include three modern isotope ratio mass spectrometer systems for a large range of applications, including oxygen, hydrogen, carbon and nitrogen isotope measurements of organic and inorganic materials in volatile, liquid and solid form, and continuous 13CO2/12CO2 gas exchange measurements.

Professor Dr. Hans Schnyder

Hans Schnyder is head of the Chair of Grassland Science at Technische Universität München. His research interests are in the physiology of grassland plants and ecosystems. He has maintained a long-lasting interest in stable isotope methodology and applications for studies of the physiology and ecology of organisms and ecosystems.